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Jennifer Leigh State

October 23, 2017

Lake Oswego Jewelers continues to impress! I decided to upgrade the diamond in my engagement ring to a larger stone and I had the pleasure of working with John in the process. Like the first time he helped me with my ring, John was incredibly helpful and patient. He spent tons of time helping me pick exactly the right diamond for me, and I am so thrilled with the final pick! They then redid my setting to accommodate the new diamond and it looks absolutely beautiful. Everyone in the store is always super nice and helpful, and most importantly they are fair and honest.

Michelle Maldonado

October 22, 2017

Travis at Lake Oswego Jewelers was wonderful! He took my vision and designed the perfect ring. Travis is not only a talented jeweler, but such a pleasure to work with and so fair with pricing. Couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience & my gorgeous new ring!

Alan Campbell

January 17, 2018

Stopped in to have a ring resized and they took care of it in less than 10 minutes for $25. I would definitely go back if/when I have more jewelry that needs work.

Clark D

August 20, 2017

The jewel of lake Oswego! We are using them to design a custom ring and they are going above and beyond in every way. They have guided us towards a the perfect ring.

Patrick Thorp

June 14, 2017

Lake Oswego Jewelers goes far beyond the call of duty! My journey to finding just the right ring was fraught with challenges but Travis and Tia (owners) not only made it possible but helped to make it special. It all started when my fiance and I went to several jewelers to find out what she liked but couldn't find something that really called out to her. I, having zero experience in jewelry and living 2000 miles away, wasn't much help. Lake Oswego Jewelers was recommended to me by a friend that's from the area so I approached Travis (the owner) with a hodgepodge of ideas of what she liked and didn't. He said "no problem bud, we've got you taken care of." Over the next few weeks, he and I worked together over the phone and email to craft a custom ring that really captured the essence of who my fiance is and the love we share. That was the easy part. Many questions still remained. Being so far away (Texas), when would I be able to pick out a stone? When the ring was ready, how would I pick it up and then how would I get it back to Seattle (where my fiance lives) all without her finding out? So we hatched a plan. I drove from Austin to Seattle planning to spend the month of Dec and part of Jan in Seattle. On the way, I just "happened" to take a slight detour through Portland where Travis had the stones ready for me to see. After selecting the perfect stone I continued me journey. Step 1 was complete. Step 2 was going to be a little more tricky. The plan was to propose on a surprise birthday trip to Bend OR on the top of MT Bachelor the first week of Jan. I had 2 big hurtles to over come. 1. Learning to snowboard and 2. Receiving the finished ring from Travis without my fiance catching on Fortunately for me, Travis made getting the ring much easier than me having to learn how to snowboard. Turns out Portland is a great halfway point between Seattle and Bend and a good place to grab some lunch. I kept Travis updated on our travel status and he met me at the restaurant. He even took pictures of us walking into the restaurant together so I could show her later. It was all a very 007 hush hush operation. While inside I sat us sitting towards the door where I could see when Travis arrived. Operation Put A Ring On It was in full swing. Travis arrived as a take-out customer and I excused myself to the bathroom. We thought we'd meet in there and he'd just pass it to me and we'd be on our way. What we didn't count on is that the restaurant only had a 1 person bathroom. So there we were, 2 guys in a 1 person bathroom exchanging a wedding ring. Nothing strange going on here at all! Fortunately for us she didn't see either of us walking out. Whew! That was close. On to Bend. Step 2 completed. The proposal went amazing! The ring sparkled like no other from the top of the mountain. It was classic, elegant, stunning and the diamond has lots of fire, just like my fiance. The only question now was how the hell was I going to get off the top of the mountain without killing myself. The answer, with a ski patrol escort and a incredibly surprised and elated fiance. Thank you Lake Oswego Jewelers and Travis! You guys are amazing.

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Karen J.


I am so impressed with the service and knowledge of Lake Oswego Jewelers! My husband and I took my wedding ring into them for repair after it was damaged...READ MORE

Melissa L.


My favorite necklace broke. It has a lot of sentimental value and I was so upset. I had a special occasion coming up and was disappointed that I wouldn't...READ MORE

Lauren G.


Years ago, my mom inherited much of her mom's (my grandmother's) jewelry, including a 1960s cocktail ring full of emeralds and diamonds that was a style...READ MORE

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Kaytee Horton

October 3, 2017

I had a wedding set I got from Zales 8 years ago. The prongs on the solitaire have bent and broken more times than I could count, and I nearly lost the diamond twice. I was fed up, and a family member recommended I check out Lake Oswego Jewelers. They were able to put my old bands up for consignment and sell me a gorgeous new set for my solitaire diamond. I’m so happy with the product and service, and love supporting a local business. �

Matthew Tercek

September 6, 2017

Brandon Lane

September 6, 2017

Reggi Cramer

September 6, 2017

John Dyrnes

November 12, 2016

Great Customer Service, very honest and trustworthy. I have enjoyed my conversations while getting a new watch band adjusted, or a ring sized. I would trust them to take care of my great grandmothers ring, in fact I did. I had them size it to fit my wife.

Amir Tajer

October 5, 2016

Camille Garrett

September 25, 2016

Took my favorite necklace in to get fixed because one of the links broke. They replaced it and resodered the link and my necklace looks better and stronger than ever. Super nice people - I would definitely use them again!

Craig Pargeter

September 8, 2016

We lost a diamond accent after a wild weekend (life happens); within 3 days Travis Lavespere had a new matching stone and when we finally came in, was waiting at the front door to replace it, within hours, at no charge. You have a customer for life. Much obliged.

Loni Wilson

September 1, 2016

I have known the Hoag family for 40+ years. Her dad pierced my ears and my moms. That was back in the day when they own the store in the Hollywood dist. I am so pleased that Patti and her son took over the family tradition! We live in Spokane. Hard to just drop in. Love you Patti

Michael Holland

May 29, 2016

Hands down the best service I have ever received. Travis and Tiah walked me through Diamonds 101 to make sure I knew exactly what Diamond I wanted. My Fiancé absolutely loved her gorgeous ring. I will recommend this store to anyone.

Matt Fishler

February 6, 2016

I come here consistently because Patty is the most knowledgable jewelry expert I've come in contact with. She will give you the honest, low down without that "mall" feel. ❤️ patty

Helena Jean Giles

August 6, 2015

Sean Massey

March 11, 2015

Theresa Howe

December 20, 2014

Amazing job sizing and shining up the ring my grandma left me. Great service and awesome quality!

Jordan Leban

December 17, 2014

Great service and even nicer jewelry! Go & see John Kim asap!!

Jimmy Drakos

December 15, 2014

Gwen Vette-Madden

December 15, 2014

Sara Moien

December 15, 2014

Meghan Mosconi

September 17, 2014

Lori Wampler

August 28, 2014

Lake Oswego Jewelers has provided wonderful customer service to my husband and myself over the past 5 years. Patti, and her son Travis, worked to help us find and create perfect wedding rings as well as Christmas gifts. We appreciate the neighborhood feel, high quality of jewelry, and top notch customer service.

Miguel Uribe

April 26, 2014

Michael Jeter

April 24, 2014

John Kim

April 16, 2014

Great service, great people, and high quality jewelry. 5 Stars from me!

Kevin Clifford Hall

March 19, 2014

Chris Miller

January 14, 2014